Solar PV plants

Solar photovoltaic plants convert solar energy into AC or DC current. Geographical location, working and technical specifications, government decisions, subsidies, Net-metering system (distribution networks accounting) and prices of all solar system equipment are very important for feasibility study and accurate calculation of the required capacity of plants during the design and construction phase. The main components of solar systems are solar panels and inverters, regulators, storage batteries, protection equipment, and other system components.


"OHM ENERGY" offers the following types of solar PV systems:
Off-Grid solar PV station/system 
 If You want to consume electricity, but You don’t have connection with distribution networks or reliable electricity supply, than You need exactly off grid solar PV stations. This type of station accumulates DC electricity in batteries.  The inverter refill allows this system to convert the DC from batteries to AC which is used for consumption of basic household appliances. 
On-Grid solar PV station
If You have reliable electricity supply source (Your system is connected to the distribution networks) but Your electricity costs are pretty high, than You need exactly on-grid solar PV station. This network system is a solar PV station, which produces electricity when there is electric network, which means that solar station should be connected to electricity distribution networks, which will allow to sell excess electricity to the network (grid) (RA Law on “Energy Saving and Renewable Energy”).
Hybrid Solar PV station/system 

 “If You don’t have electricity supply from distribution network, than You need Off-grid sola PV station, but if You want to reduce Your electricity costs and owe off-grid solar PV station, which will provide electricity to Your home with the help of batteries in case of electricity supply failure, than the hybrid solar PV station will be the best choice for you. Hybrid solar PV systems and stations are combination of off-grid and on-grid stations