Modern heating

"OHM ENERGY" offers the following types of solar water heaters:

There are two main types of solar water heating systems: active systems with pumps for circulating hot water or antifreeze and passive systems based on the circulation of a thermosyphon.

Solar water heaters are varied, but the following types are widely used in Armenia:

  • Vacuum tube solar water heaters
  • Flat plate solar water heaters
STN - Electric energy saving heaters

«STN» heaters, unlike other electric heaters, work with infrared heating method, the operation of which is completely different from convection heating and has a number of advantages.

  • Energy saving. These devices correspond to the highest class A ++. The 700 W power device is designed for heating up to 14 m2.
  • They are safe and harmless to human health. The device does not dry the air, and due to the absence of hot-cold streams, the dust does not rise into the air.
  • The room can be ventilated with minimal heat loss.
  • Ease of installation and speed.
  • Aesthetic attractiveness. These heaters can be nice additions to a room.