Restaurant, Aragacotn Province, Aragats village


28 kW


Aragacotn Province, Aragats village

Solar modules

AE SOLAR 390 W, monocrystalline 72 pcs, Germany


SMA STP 25000TL-30 , Germany

Annual electricity production

42000 kWh

Aragatsotn province, v. Ushi 5.28 kW
Aragatsotn province, v. Ushi
20 July 2019
5.28 kW
Yerevan, Nubarashen 3.06 kW
Yerevan, Nubarashen
23 August 2019
3.06 kW
"Solar Farm" LLC, Gegharkunik Province, Shoghakat village 5000 kW
"Solar Farm" LLC, Gegharkunik Province, Shoghakat village
The installation of 6 MW pick power (5 MW nominal power ) plant was made with 100 blocks (inverters). The Power plant is equipped with accident-prevention systems to avoid short circuit, non-sinusoidal currents, overvoltages, abrupt voltage changes, zero wire breakage problems, and other failures. In the surrounding area was installed an earth ground loop with a resistance less than 4 ohms for AC and DC circuits.
07 Nov 2020
5000 kW
VI-EL-VI company, salon Shiraz 220,5 kWt
VI-EL-VI company, salon Shiraz
An innovative project equipped with the German SMA ShadeFix shade management system will produce more electricity than standard plants.
220,5 kWt